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Felicia E. Smith is a licensed real estate salesperson and licensed real estate instructor who is dedicated to providing quality service to the customers, clients and communities that she serves.

Her journey in the real estate industry has included but has not been limited to first-time home-buyers, residential listing, small commercial sales and/or rentals, foreclosure and short sale management and sales, Broker Price Opinions, mortgage financing as a former loan officer, and as mentioned an active real estate instructor.

In addition, Felicia believes that designating time to network with other professionals is just as important as building relationships with customers and clients. Collaborating with other professionals has helped to increase her business and productivity. Her experience in this industry thus far has taught her the importance of community building and focusing on quality vs. quantity. For this reason, she treats every person she encounters with care regardless if business if being conducted with her or not.


Felicia has proven to have a strong work ethic while remaining personable and empathetic to the needs of both her colleagues and clients. She believes that no matter how small or large the transaction, there is a goal to be met, which should be met with professionalism and integrity.


Consumers need to know that there are real estate professionals that genuinely care about their needs and will get the job done in an upstanding manner; Felicia is one of those professionals. If she cannot get the job done, she can be trusted to align others with professionals who will work with the same professionalism, integrity, and problem-solving skills to get the job done.



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Felicia started working in the real estate industry after being introduced to an internship opportunity at a local mortgage brokerage in college. During that period, she decided to continue pursuing the real estate industry further while studying business marketing as a major.


Deciding to get her real estate license while still in college allowed her to pursue this career track while completing her studies. As for her background in education, Ms. Smith has always had a passion for coaching, teaching, and mentoring others. This started as early as high school, being a team leader in athletics, an after-school tutor for younger students, and a peer mentor among her peers in high school.


Felicia was always told by her teachers that she should pursue a career in education; however, she did not see herself becoming a teacher in any capacity. Working in the real estate sales field simultaneously while working as a tutor at a night school program, it wasn’t until she graduated from her undergraduate studies in 2011 that she finally found a link between my role in real estate and teaching.


In 2013 Ms. Smith decided to continue her studies and pursue a Master of Education in professional studies, which later allowed her to pursue adult education opportunities. Since then, she has become a licensed real estate instructor in New York, teaching real estate and as a college instructor.



Felicia's business mission is to help consumers, students, clients, and communities through education on real estate sales and the finance purchasing and selling process. In addition, she has developed her business to be a resource to those she encounters.


Ms. Smith says that her personality was never that of a traditional salesperson, and even though she was good at what she did, she struggled to find her niche in the industry. For her, that was through education, guidance, and mentorship of those she works with. 

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